Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sometimes it just happens so fast


on the way to Gothenbourg

5AM the alarm woke me up. After only 4h of sleep it wasn't even hard to go up. Maybe weird, but sometimes "less is more". My dad drove me to the cnetral station, where I bought some Witamin Well Sparkling Water, a big chai-latte at Espresso House and then I found a photo-mashine to have my photos done, which I need for the interview.

Sitting on the train now, 1,5h to go before I reach desitination.

Talk to you later!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Planica Team Area Party 2011

I wouldn´t say that I´m lazy with the writing, but honeslty the last 3 weeks have been so intense, that I really haven´t had the time to sit down and write about the trips. A lot of people asks me about Planica and mostly about the Team Area Party that is always hold on Saturday, straight after the team competion in the Team Area. The teams gets a couple of wristbands each which they can give away to the people they wish attend this "event".

Every county has their own stand with their specialties, which means food and alcoholic beverages (you can see parts of the polish stand here with cytrynowka, sliwowica, oscypki, smalec etc.).

So you don´t really have to ask if everyone is sober, because most of the people there aren´t..hehe.. This also includes the jumpers, hey give them a break they are people too!

Just look at Kasia, trying to take a pic, but making a video instead..hrhr... (btw. the pic to the left, you should have seen my Miss Sity-vest afterwards..haha... chocolate all over the place, thanks Manner! ;P But what don´t you do for a good pic :P)

This video is a light version, I have a much much better video of a friend of ours, but she would kill me if I would post it..hehe...

It´s hard to explain, or not explain, but re-tell the team area party, because its just a lot of fun, everyone is relaxed, its a "closed" party, so (most) people feel like they can just be themselves. No press or media (almost, only under restricted cirrcumstanses they are aloud to film or take pictures for the printed press).

We, or I spent the most time with the PST, or probably as you can see on the pics with Muba (yes, its not a spelling mistake..hehe.. :P) aka Mufinek & Ciacho. Not asurprice for many people maybe..hehe... And btw. I love the kid of Robert Mateja, like the cutest kiddo in the world!

C: Why Cup-Cake and not like only cake or something?
V: Babe, because when Strolzi asked me what Ciacho ment, I wasn´t totally sober and my immediate translation was Cup-Cake, which more accurate means "Mufinek" and not Ciacho. So if you like you can get another nick-name too, Mufinek?! :P
C: Well, great, Mufinek. No, thanks I prefer Ciacho :P
M: Mufinek is not bad.
V: Great, then from now on you are Mufinek, Muba ;D
M: GREAT! I like it :D

I fucking love those two guys

The party started directly after the competition, so about 12-13? and we went home like 17-18, and people still stayed.

The full photo-story you have here:


Tillbaka i Sverige

Gud vad trött jag är. Känns som om dessa tre veckor kommer ifatt mig nu. Jag är sjukt trött, har värk i hela kroppen i alla muskler.

Imorgon är det arbetsintervju i Göteborg som gäller, tåget går redan kl. 06.29 *zZZzz*. Intervjun är klockan 10.15, så har nästan en timme på mig att ta mig från Centralstationen till platsen, som enligt Google Maps är 1,6km bort.

Någon som har något att tipsa om att göra i GBG i någon timme efter?


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Adam's Benefis in Zakopane

EPIC! Everything was epic, except of the weather. My last day in Warsaw today, I'm flying back to Sweden tomorrow afternoon, so you'll get a greater up-date then :)

We love photographers who cuts our heads off..haha.. That shows that the party is good ;)

xoxo, Vicky

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Bull Party

Aga, Aneta, Agata, Kasia, Moi

So, yesterday was Adam´s Red Bull Pre-Jumping party. I won´t say that the bar-keepers were keeping the vodka back in the Red Bulls we ordered... It was really nice to see all the guys so chilled out :) We did take some pics, but most of them are not really post-friendly, so you have to be good with the ones you´ll get :)

I´m watching Kawa czy Herbata, special edition with Adam Malysz, and poor Iza had to be in the studio at 7AM go get the make-up done. I really feel sorry for her for having to get up so early.

So that´s why I wasn´t in Morskie Oko, today is a closed party too btw.
But who knows maybe we´ll end up in MO anyways after a while ;)

Moi, BER´s brother, Jan-Erik - Agata :P

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zakopane, pożegnać Adama - czas zacząć

The austrians and germans have arrived with Red Bull's private jet before 18. Simi and Yana will come later tonight, so we are soon off to the first pre-jumping party :) Let's Rock This Town!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

In Zakopane

Planica is over and so is my voice...
The trip back took little less than 11h with stops, but it wasn´t too bad, I mean I was SMS:ing during a lot of the ride..haha... I was at Karo´s place about 21, had some nice chat with her and her sis Daria, before we all went to sleep.

The next day after waking up we were driven to the centre, went for some lunch at Corleone, some Latte Macchiato at Krakow Main Square. Karo went to the hair-dresser. We went home for one hour before her dad drove us to meet up with Agata for some dinner and alcohol-free Moijitos :)
Wednesday was a lazy day, mostly spent at home, because I still can´t recover from the lack of sleep, not only from Planica, but from the last 3 weeks that I´ve been on the road.... Not talking about my voice... In the evening we went to the movies; "No Strings Attached" with Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. A fun movie, but not that great though.

And today Daria drove me to the main station, I left my bag and went to the new shopping mall to get some stuff at Douglas and to re-fill my polish If I wasn´t loaded with my lap top and my huge bag I would totally have made some serious shopping, no it stopped at Douglas (can´t live withou my Guerlain Precious Light Illuminator) and a freshly squeezed juice :)

I took the bus to Zakopane, SMS:ing almost the whole 2h it took to get there (result=need to re-load my cell-card again). I chilled a bit in the appartment and then went to dine with Mary :) Had soem other plans too, but sometimes you get to the conclusion, that its better to call some stuff off...because of other people (Ania posluchalam twojej rady). We took at drink at Paparazzi were Jola works and then I got back to the appartment like a bit after 20. Be proud babe, this is me giving stuff up, for you ;)

Now I´ll just finish chatting with some people, and then it will be early bed-time :)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Amy Winehouse - The Untold Story

Amy Winehouse died only 27-years old. This is the Untold Story. The unseen story of Amy's life and addictions featuring exclusive interviews including her former husband Blake Fielder Civil who first introduced Amy to heroin.