Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve :)

Tonight is the night. Last day of the year of 2010. And yes, I´m kinda glad :) It wasn´t a bad year, not as the terrible year of 2009, but it wasn´t a great year either. I did learn a lot though. But hey, lets not talk about it now, the Chronicle of 2010 will come in the next coming days :)

I was supposted to fly up to Stockholm, but guess what? All the flights were sold out for the regular student prices, and I don´t want to pay for the flight as much as a last minute trip to Egypt costs for one week all inclusive, just to go up to Stockholm.

So the last-munte plans for tonight is a dinner at Kayt´s place, they are having some people over, then there is a stage built up outside of the Opera and then we´ll go out to Étage :)

How will you spend New Years Eve?


2010 comes to an end... who earned most?

Forbees list of the 20 people who earned the most in 2010.

20. Judge Judy Sheindlin - $45 000 000
19. Taylor Swift - $45 000 000

18. Miley Cyrus - $48 000 000
17. Ellen Degenres - $55 000 000

16. Sandra Bullock - $56 000 000

15. Madonna - $58 000 000

14. Lady Gaga - $62 000 000
13. Britney Spears -$64 000 000
12. Jerry Seinfeld - $75 000 000

11. Simon Cowell - $80 000 000

10. Dr. Phil - $80 000 000

9. Beyonce - $87 000 000

8. George Lucas - $95 000 000

7. Steven Spielberg - $100 000 000

6. Jerry Bruckheimer - $100 000 000
5. Tiger Woods - $105 000 000
4. Michael Bay - $120 000 000

3. Tyler Perry - $125 000 000
2. James Cameron - $210 000 000
1. Oprah Winfrey - $315 000 000


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tron Legacy 3D

I saw it a couple of days ago at the cinema with Kayt. It was totally OK, not great, but good. The guy, Garrett Hedlund is really cute too ;) Its a good fantasy film, and I don´t even like fantasy movies normally.

Anyone seen it?


Deaths of 2010

The basic source is

† Heiress Casey Johnson (30) - Jan 4th - Death-reason: diabetes

† Designer Alexander McQueen (40) February 11th - Death-reason: Suicide

† Child actor Corey Haim (38) - March 10th Death-reason: Overdose

† Dynasty-legend John Forsythe (92) died on 31st of March

† Punklegend Malcolm McLaren (64) april 8th Death-reason: cancer

† Polish president Lech Kaczynski (61) april 10th died in the flight catastrophy togheter with over 100 people

Brittany Murphy´s widower Simon Monjack (39) - May 24th - died exactly 5 moths after Brittany with the same death-reason: heart-attack

† Child-actor Gary Coleman (42) 28th of May Death-reason: stroke after a fall

Dennis Hopper (74) dog den 29 maj May 29th - Death-reason: Prostate cancer

† The Golden Girls´ Rue McClanahan (76) - June 3rd Death-reason: stroke

Heidi Montag´s plastic surgeon Frank Ryan (50) August 16th - Death-reason: Twittered on his cell during driving his car, so he drove off the hill/road.

† LFO-singer Rich Cronin (35) Sept 5th Death-reason: Died after fithing for over 5 years with leukemia

† ”A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.” Titanic-lady: Gloria Stuart (100) died 26h of Sept

Tony Curtis (85) died on 29th of Sept

Joseph Gordon-Levitt´s brother Dan (36) - 4th of Oct - Death-reason: Overdose

† The Octopus Paul (2) left us on 26th of Oct.

† Actress Jill Clayburgh (66) died of leukemia on Nov 5th.

Leslie Nielsen (84) 28th of november – Death-reason: pnemonia

† Director Mario Monicelli (95) was hospitalized for life-treatening injuries on his pancreas, when he decided to take his own life by jumping out of the hospital window on Nov 29th.

†Pink Panther-director Blake Edwards (88) died on 15th of Dec.

† Soul-queen Teena Marie (54) died on Dec 27th.

Did I miss any important ones?


Glöm inte att tävla om julklapps säcken :)

Ni glömmer väl inte tävlingen?För att delta gå in HÄR


My Victoria´s Secret package arrived :D

The Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show 2010 tee (BTW. if you haven´t seen the show yet, you can watch it HERE). And a pair of underwear from the PINK-collection.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today´s City Shopping

I did SOME as told.

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish, Helena Rubinstein Magic Primer, Smashbox Masquerage Lip Plumb
At Stadium, WRAP

All from Gina Tricot
All from Gina Tricot

2 pair of jeans at Gina Tricot - 1 pair leggins at MQ

Ursäkta Röran!

Glitter Photos
[ - *Glitter Photos*]
Excuse the blog-design chaos for now. I´m re-designing the blog, so it will be a small mess for a while.


I'm a shopaholic, I can't help myself...

Internet-shopping. I just can't help nyself. After a whole day in town, with quite much shopping, In go online to do what Continue SHOPPING. Not that I bought so much, just the stuff in the pic...


I'm back to my Blonde-Blonde

The orangish is gone. As said I spent some time at my hairdresser today. hAIR Lounge :) So now I'm back to my colder blonde nuance :) Thoughts?

And OMG in compare to every other european country Sweden is so expensive when it comes to hair-care. It's really terrible.



I was so tired yesterday, so I really turned off my lap top before 8 and started to read one of the books I got for christmas. About 9 I went to sleep. Today I´ve been in town the whole day. It´s almost been a beauty week. with facials, massage, laser hair-treatment and today the hairdresser :)

And of course I did SOME shopping :P

I´ll show it to you soon :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I wore: sweater: Thomas Burberry, jeans: Gina Tricot, socks: Canada Snow, Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger, Jacket: Boomerang

I´m not a huge fan. I buy a lot of impulsive stuff (but I´m much better than before), its totally crowded, but I do love to shop, sale of no sale :) But I didin´t shop a lot. 1 dress at H&M, 2 sweaters, 1 knit, 2 tops at Gina Tricot and 2 pair of hotpants at MQ. And two Biotherm celluli products at Kicks.(well, it was also the only stores that I went into...). But I think that I did good :D

Did you buy anything on the xmas sale?


This continent isn´t for me

I wanna leave it now. And I promise you, I will never put my feet anywhere where you can find snow again. I fucking hate it. My car was stuck again in the city today. It´s terrible, they don´t clean the parking spots, and they want you to pay quite much per hour to park, and as a bonus, you can get out...

I wanna go to Los Angeles NOW, like screw finishing my psychology grade and just start with the real estate in LA.

I mean Europe was never a place for me. I fell in love with the US from the first time I saw it on pictures.

Oh about the car stuff. Then I came home and there is another car on my cleaned parking spot, so I park beneath it and I call the security, so then after a while a woman comes running and ask if it is my spot. YEAH, kinda, can´t you read where it says PRIVATE pre-paid parking spots. She says sorry and drives away. And guess car is stuck again in the parking spot beneath, because it wasn´t cleaned...


What a day, and it ended with CAR PROBLEMS

I love snow...NOT. It took us over 30 minutes to get my car out..and 6 people... The wheels just span. My light jeans wern´t light anymore (after like lying down in the snow). And I have some bruises on my hands...

I´ll tell you more about this whole monday tomorrow. Need to go to sleep now. Been in town like over 12 hours.


The party girlies

Kayt "sleeping" as always :P

Étage was the place we did some shakin at Christmas Day :P We came there and I didn´t wanna stand in the line, so I went to the VIP entrance (Kayt, and Karro went to the regular line) which resulted that they had to pass everyone in the line, because of course we came in directly..haha.. Hell no that, I will stand in any regular line :D

yeah, I know you can totally see my zebrastriped D&G-bra...hate flash-pics :/

Took some drinks, played some BJ and started to daaance. Met some friends and some people with whom I went to the primary school with :P

Around 3 I got this massive head-ache/migrane, so me and Kayt decides to leave everyone. It was impossible to get a cab, and -12 degrees, I had only stockings on and glitter hotpants, that didn´t cover much. Not even taxi 70 000 or Taxi Skåne (the 2 most expensive taxi corps) had any cars free, so we jumped in into a "black market"-cab. I know not the smartest thing to do, but I jst wanted to shoot my head off and it was frezing, my 15cm high heels killed me and it was slippery as hell.

Something funny was when I guy saw us go towards this taxi "Girls, please be careful with these ones" like sooo cute..hehe...

when I came home I slept so bad, ´cause my head was really killing me the whole night :/


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our Xmas tree :)


It´s set...

for some pre-drinks at my place before going out and breaking some rules ;)

The girls are coming over soon

Vinn Julklappssäcken 2010 - värde ca 2500kr

Julafton är förbi, men nu kan ni istället vinna en julklappssäck här.

Jag tävlar om Vicky´s Julklapps Säck värde 2500kr.
Tävla du också HÄR.

För att vara med och tävla kopierar ni bild och text ovan och sätter in i er blogg, samt lämnar en kommentar nedan. Tävlingen pågår till den 1:a Januari kl. 23.00.

Lycka Till!


Tack alla som deltog. Kommer under morgondagen att sätta ut en tävling om ett Cliniderm-kit, så kika gärna in och var med :)


Friday, December 24, 2010

★* 。 • ˚ ˚ Merry Xmas 。 • ˚ Frohe Weihnachten ˚ • 。 ˚ • 。 God Jul 。 • ˚ Wesołych Świąt ˚ ˚ • 。*★

I wish you all a joyful christmas :) A jolly, warm evening with a lot of love and happiness.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Santa I want...

Call us crazy, but why should only the kids get the chance? :P


Another lovely day ♥

Mötte upp Pitten först (eller tog mig fram i snön till bilen och gasade för att komma ut), eller hämtade upp henne på Södervärn. Vi lunchade på Espresso House och snackade en massa ♥ Sedan blev det minimal shopping (daddy´s xmas present from my mum...hehe..). lite julgransljus och småkulor Sedan droig jag till Mobilia för att köpa lite mat för julen. Tog typ 30 min att hitta en parkeringsplats, ÖVERFULLT. Systemet gick iaf fort ;)

Tog de sista 5 flaskorna av Dufvenkrooks choklad glögg (the best one, dricker första flaskan nu...hahaha...). Jag menar det är jue lillejulafton ;) Sen blev det vanlig vinglögg och Tequila Rose Köpte även Måns Zelmerlöw´s christmas songs, lyssnar på den nu. En soft skiva, men inte superbra. Mariah Carey´s är den bästa :)

Sen drog jag tillbaka till Hansa för att möta upp sötaste Lollo

Och nu är jag hemma. Ska chilla lite me Måns och glöggen, sedan ska jag klä granen.

Lucka 23 - Adventskalendern 2010

Imorgon är det julafton och då kommer det lottas ut en julklappssäck :) Så missa inte att kika in och tävla då!

Lucka Nummer 23 sponsras av Photobox. Gilla gärna Photobox på Facebook HÄR.

Jag tävlar om en snygg brevpress med personlig fotogravyr i Vicky´s Julkalender från Photobox. Till ett värde av ca 500kr. Gilla gärna PhotoboxFacebook. Tävla du också vet jag ->

För att tävla om:
1 lott: Blogga om tävlingen i din blogg med bild och text ovan.
2 lotter: Adda mig på BloglovinFollow Vickys Blogg

Lycka till!
Vinnaren kommer finnas


Snow falling down

Det kommer bara mer och mer... Ska strax iväg till stan för att möta upp Pitten för en fika :) Undrar vad man ska ha på sig. Igår såg det ut såhär:

Jacket: Boomerang
Tee: Zoul
Jeans: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger
Gloves: North 66 (buy them here)

Talk to you later!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Send me your cities :)

This is how the christmas decorations looks in a part of Malmö. I will make some more videos of the rest maybe tomorrow :) But now I want you guys to make videos of your towns and send as a videofile to my mail: I will post them on my blog in a couple of days :) If you have a blog and want the blog to be seen under the video, just write it in the mail :)

Hope to get many videos!


What a lovely day ♥

First I met up with Kayt, having some problems to get my car parked because of the huge amounts of snow that is laying everywhere on the streets (haaaate it).

We had a late lunch at Jensens Böfhus with some dessert. Baileys coffee with a bit of soft ice for me and belgian chocolate cake with soft ice for Kayt. Then we went to do soem shopping. Bought a christmas-present for Kattis and then took a xmas-coffee at Espresso House :)

It was a great day :) And not to cold with -4 degrees, and no snowing :)

Sweater: SVEA, Headband: H&M