Sunday, February 22, 2015

Beauty trends to forget in 2015

2015 is here, if somebody haven't noticed yet, and therewith we need to leave some beauty trends in the year of 2014... which ones? 


Princess curls stay in the past

Everybody is bored of this diva look. How to replace it: in 2015, curls are much looser and lighter than before.


Smokey eyes get a makeover

If you are a fan of this look, it’s time to change something! How to replace it: classic smokey eyes are completely transformed in 2015. The eye contour is more discreet, more graphic and in other colors than the classic black and gray duet. Don’t forget: your eye makeup will be cooler if you use liners instead of traditional eye shadows.

The ombre trend disappears

Out with ombre and in with balayage. This French technique allows a more natural and gradual dyeing. The result? The hair looks fuller, more voluminous. The change in the final look is quite small, but effective!  


Flushed cheekbones are losing their popularity

The extremely “flushed” effect.


Mascara on the lower lashes? A big no!

Only apply mascara on the upper lashes and your eyes will seem bigger, younger and let’s face it, trendy!

French manicures are left in the past

If you can’t give up this style, just breathe and accept change. Look up the newest trends – there are so many!  

Matte colors step out of the spotlight

How to replace them: this year wear glitter! Less on the nails, more on the eyes. See how to use glitter in a discreet and refined way over at Anna Sui, Dries Van Noten or Zadig et Voltaire. Read all the trends at Your Best MakeUp


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