Sunday, April 30, 2006

Thing that makes You Happy =)

Hello Darlings,

Now this week is almost over. Been a lot of training and school. Today, i about 1 hour I'm going to my friend Maria's 20-years old party. It will be really nice I think =)

Meg told me some stuff about Fetti some days ago, and it really made me happy, I really think that it was sweet, and of course also the things that You said from yourself, I do really apprieciate it honey :*

I want to tell You all, that you should really think about what really small stuff can make a bigger difference, tell people if you like them, it really makes them feel better :)

Need to go now, but I really love you all,


Thursday, April 27, 2006


Hey guys!
Sorry, that I haven't wrote for a long time, I promise to write more often now =)
Haven't happened so much the last three weeks really, the Easter was spent in Poland with a lot of shopping *LoVe*. And when I came back it has only been studies, studies and studies =/ Really boring most of the time, but what can you do when you have to do it.

A swedish community that I'm on a lot is named Lunarstorm, and you can see my frontpage on =)

There you can write comments about your friends and here is the comments about moi: ->
  • feels like we're always fooling around on Stureplan
  • Vickan, Vickan, Vickan...
  • She is so sweet...Vicky =)
  • Vickan :) my cute pornstar!
  • My party-girlie Nr. 1
  • hohoh Vickan so sweeeet!
  • Ohhhh, PARTY
  • Totally nice girl! In everyway... =)
  • Most wonderful Vickan! Grand Hôtel & New Year says it all ;)
  • Vic & Pitt always owns the dancefloor...
  • Vic & Me at the dancefloor :)
  • Wonderful Vickan ;) Love you sooo much!!! <3
  • Love You honey!
  • neat girl
  • Vickan! So Fucking funny! Love You! Magalluf, yeees!
  • The one I kissed the first time ;)
  • the wikk
  • Nice to party with ya!
  • Vickan [:D][v]
  • Cutest Vicke Vire
  • Worlds greathest Vickan =) miss you
  • totally crazy chick, she made us a lot of laughs on the trip ;)
  • we ruled LÄ
  • Nice classmate! party-girlie!
  • Eyy! Alter haha
  • Vickan, cute & neat <3
  • Tihi, Vicki... Yeah, one totally funny girl , which always have something to tell =0)
  • An old girl from the german-class...
  • Mallorca, I want go back! preferably yesterday
  • of course ;)
  • sweet-face
  • shit neighbour since I was 8 [or younger] and not any longer
  • Wonderful & crazy on the same time! =)
  • Lime
  • Fashion-knowing girl, which loves Germany, horses and boys
  • Party-crazy friend of Maria...hehe...
  • a friends friend
  • There is noone like Vickan! shit, just a wonderful girl! =) blue dress & Casablanca & casablanca-stickers ;)
  • Funny=D Gave me a dice that only had 1's, I promise!
  • Vickan for fuck sake! With you honey, one never have a boring time!! :D Love you!!
  • LOL!
  • my darling =)
  • old childhood friend ;D
  • Girlie!
  • Cool girl! Always so sweet and open! kiss on you! :)
  • Royne-pick upper ;) haha
  • Vickan! CRAZY!
  • nice horse-girl

Well, that was it, hope you know me better now ;))