Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Shopping

First we went to Mobila to change my Canada Snow boots, and the funniest thing happend when we went to Espresso House to buy a ice latte. There was to women who sat and drank some coffee and ate cake. From nowhere a man comes and sits down next to them, and he just takes the cake off the woman´s plate and starts to eat it. She was like "What are you doing? You just don´t do like that?!" and he replied "I´m hungry". This was quite funny, but I mean also strange and a bit scary. It was a bit liek the hidden camera or something, except from the fact that no Ashton Kutscher or anyone else jumped out and said, you´re busted.

Anyways I bought a t-shirt bra from DKNY at Twilfit (I know I have like milions of bras, but well you always need a nude t-shirt bra :P) and then my Hollywood Fashion Tape (best one, even if you have big boobs) was out so I bought the big pack with 36 stripes :)

I really want a new clock, like the white Triwa one, but instead I bought a Diesel, because it was on sale... I know, I´m stupid, but sale is liek you save money instead of spend it, right?! :P

Then we drove to the city, I wanted to buy a new wallet, and they have this perfect one at ABCD from Chloé, like the same style as my Paddington, and it is on sale, so only 200€, but they only have it in black, and I want the tan one :( the same as my bag :( But I bought another pair of Pilgrim sunglasses..haha.. Well, I had this gift card and it was only valid until today, so I needed to buy something :P

And then Åhlens... My mum went totally crazy, because I took so much stuff, but in the end she got her way and I only bought 4 pieces, one Diesel dress, 2 Esprit tees and one pair of leggins.

Well, what can I say...I love to is like therapy...the best kind of therapy..really... Anyone who does not agree?xoxo,

Its getting hot in here

60 graders värme...svetten rinner. Infraröd kabin är något av den bästa uppfinningen som gjorts. Enda nackdelen är att man känner sig lite light-headed när man är klar.

Är hemma nu, käkar middag, Ceasar Shrimp Salad, självklart utan parmesan och croutons (helt onödiga kalorier). riktigt lyckad shopping blev det idag också, ska fota allt strax :)


Shopping - check, Training - soon

So, I'm quite pleased with my small shopping spree, I'll show you when I come back, 'cause now I'm off to do like 45minutes of the infra-red chamber.


Shopping with mommy

So I think that we are off for some shopping :) I really need to check some stuff out and change one pair of shoes.

What are you guys doing this Monday?

The Zakopane story will come up this evening :)


Chill Sunday Evening

Jacket: Fornarina, Bag: Chloé Paddington, Leggins: Pieces, Sweater: Gina Tricot,
Shoes: Fornarina, Cell: Blackberry, Earings: D&G, Headband: H&M

Kayt is flying off to Rome tomorrow for 10 days, so we met up for some chill sunday chat in town tonight. Espresso House of course, but it was so crowded :/ I love their Green Passion Ice Tea

Zakopane 2011 coming up...

I´ve written it all now :) So I´ll publish it tomorrow, because first I have to arrange it and put in some pictures.

Amazing how many people there are, right?

Here is the Opening Cermony from the first day:


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life As We Know It

Some champagne and some movies. What a lovely Saturday night one can have ;)

Life As We Know It with Katherine Heigl & Josh Duhamel is really a sweet, funny movie. I'm not a fan of Heigl, but I love like all the movies she is in :)
Holly and Eric were set up on a blind date by their friends, Peter and Allison who are married. A few years later after Peter and Allison were killed in an accident, they have named Holly and Eric as the guardians to their daughter, Sophie. So they move into their house and try their best to honor their friends' wishes. But raising a child puts a crimp on their style and they don't exactly get along.

Mine, Your and Ours with Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid is a romantic comedy about why you should use protection..haha.. Just joking, but 18 kids..yeah... not really what anyone would want...hehe..
High school sweethearts Frank Beardsley and Helen North are reunited when Frank and his family move back to his home town of New London. They are instantly attracted to each other and quickly decide to marry. They are quite cognizant of the fact that he already has eight children from his first marriage, and she has ten from her first marriage, hers a mixture of her biological offspring and a rainbow of adopted children. What may be more problematic is that he is an Admiral with the Coast Guard and as such has a very regimented view of how things should be done, whereas she is a free spirit - she is a designer by trade - with a more lackadaisical attitude. Their respective children, who are a product of their parent's views, hate each other. They however feel that they can better rid themselves of their new situation by joining forces to show their parents their respective philosophical differences about life. Regardless of if they achieve their goal, the kids' plan may also have some unexpected consequences.
Inside I´m Dancing (or alternative title Rory O´Shea was here) which we though would be a happy movie. It had its funny parts, but it wasn´t really nice to watch...
The story of Michael, a 24-year-old with cerebral palsy and long-term resident of the Carrigmore Residential Home for the Disabled. His life is transformed when the maverick Rory O'Shea, moves in. Michael is stunned to discover that fast talking Rory, who can move only his right hand, can understand his almost unintelligible speech. Rory's dynamic and rebellious nature soon sparks a flame in Michael, introducing him to a whole new world outside Carrigmore. Together the two men outwit the system and set themselves up in a flat employing the beautiful Siobhan, as their personal assistant, to cook, clean and take care of their needs. She soon becomes integral to the boys efforts at successful independent living and begins to realise that this responsibility brings as many complications as it does rewards.


Ohh, I wanna do my lips like right now :D I feel that they are so small now, and I will like go crazy if I don't get them done soon. I need my Restylane :P


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Zakopane 2011 Photo-Story

Let us start to give you a hint what happened with a photo-story.



Maciek took the Silver medal :D

OMG! This is such a great day in so many ways, not only for the POL Ski Team, but just for a day. So many positive things happened today and my mood is so great!

Firstly POL Ski Team was 3rd in the Team Competition in Willingen, Austria won :) Then Maciek Kot aka Ciacho took the Silver Medal at the Universade in Turkey :D I'm so freakin happy for him, he so deserved it after a not that good season.
But this is not what I'm most happy about today, there s something else that made my day..hihi..


Another Zakopane WC hit 2011

Seksulana is the biggest one, but this one is the 2nd one. The dancefloor rocked :P

Wogóle, ale mi ulżyło :)

Busy February & March

It feels like I won't be home in Sweden at all. The plans look like this. The dates are a bit preliminary.
  • 3 Feb-7 Feb Szczecin
  • 10 Feb-16 Feb Zürich and Alpine World Championships in Garmisch
  • 22 Feb-28 Feb Warsaw & CoC Zakopane
  • 3 March-6 March Ski Jumping World Championships in Oslo
  • 9 March-16 March Warsaw & CoC Wisla
  • 17 March-21 March World Cup Planica
  • 21 March-22 March Vienna
All of these trips will be done, the question is only some of the exact dates, but its like I´ll have 2 busy months... And after it all I sure will need a break! haha.. Maldives, someone? :)


Friday, January 28, 2011

And the winner is Vladi Zografski!

Not really a surprice, they guy has really been good this year with top 10-15 places in the world cup, something that none of the other ones have manage to acheive. The Junior World Champion from the previous year, Michi Hayböck was not at start, because sadly enough he is ill, and had to stay at the hotel.

71 guys started.

Junior World Championships :)

Let it look like this afterwards ;) (JWM 2009, Maciek, Grzesiek, Kuba, Andrzej)

The guys are off to compete in Estonia. First male competition today. For Poland, Andrzej Zapotoczny, Krzysiu Mietus, Tomek Byrt and Klimek Muranka will be jumping.

Tomek - - - Klimek

Titus - - - Dedek

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Would You Hold It Against Me?

If I said my heart was beating loud
If we could escape the crowd somehow
If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me

Hey you might think
That I'm crazy
But you know I'm just your type
I might be 'little hazy
But you just cannot deny

There's a spark inbetween us
When we're dancing on the floor
I want more
Wanna see it
So I'm asking you tonight

I love this song, and the lyrics. Britney is so back :)


Let's kill someone

Just came home from my work-out with my trainer. And you should think that he will give you a break after like a week in Zakopane...yeah right. We started with 1h of Power Plate, then 45 minutes of the infrared chamber and I thought OK, done finito cool. Then he said, now you can change to your running shoes, 'cause we are doing at least one lap around the lake...It was just like, are you f... joking me? I just got out of the 60 degrees chamber and you want me to run outside in -6 degrees?

So now I'm home, kinda dead, did 1 lap, so 1350m of running, intervalls... So he gave me a break after one lap. but with the words, 2 running sessions tomorrow... One before lunch, and then intervalls in the evening. It's friday, give me a break! "This is what you are paying me for"
was his response...


Good Morning!

I've started on the Zako-story, don't worry ;)

It all started with the flight from Copenhagen to Krakow, of course I couldn't resist to check some stores out at the airport. I took a short stof for a healthy juice, just perfectly timed with Goldi calling me to check out what's going on and if I'll be in Zakopane. The call took longer than I supposted it to, so my shopping after that had to be a bit stressed.

After buying a pair of Pilgrim sunglasses I had to run to my gate, and of course I was the last one to enter the flight :P


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I know, you´ve all been waiting for the story, the impressions, the magic and the juicy stuff. I´m really having a hard time to start writing, because I don´t really know what to write. On this trip so many things happened, and I mean how can you tell people about it you aren´t really sure what went on yourself? What lead to some situations and why some people acted as they acted.

When you are disappointed in some (yeah, I know you are disappointed when it comes to me too, and I´m not blind, everything is not alright, it´s almost insulting if think that I don´t get that´s it not alright), and maybe even disappointed in yourself, in the way you handled stuff.

A really smart girl told me a saying in the beginning of this week, which is really good, the "proper" one in english isn´t that good as the original, but it goes something like "
If you chase two rabbits, you will get none".

Reality check, if you care for something, do now play two fields in the same time... Which I really didn´t...kinda... But end of the story about that..lets go forward, forget what happened, just don´t resolve it, because it is much easier, to live as it never happened as to really talk about why the situation arose...

Anyways, I´ll take a short break for a coffee latte (I love being back home with my Caffissimo maschine ;P) and then I´ll start to print down the happenings of Zakopane Ski Jumping World Cup 2011 :)


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just hold back

You know how hard it is to hold back when you really want to do something? Its like almost killing you inside, like on your mind the whole time, but you sure know that you shouldn't do it, so you hold back...

I'm so dead today, will tell you all (or well..hehe..) about Zakopane tomorrow, haven't even uploaded the pics yet.



Zako hit 2011 ;)

Time for some hotel-breakfast now, then I'm off to the airport :)


Monday, January 24, 2011

Open up is hard to do

I'm at the airport hotel in Katowice. Left Zakopane today with Ania. I freakin tired, so I think that I'll go to sleep like now. A lot of stuff happend during these last days. Some lessons were definetly learned.

Its hard to open up, sometimes you go over the limit, away from your comfort zone. For me to open up to someone, drunk or not, its huge, I'm definetly not a person who runs around with my feelings on my sleeve for everyone to see. So, when I do, then you are special.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Zakopane is on :)

We are having a really good time. Drunken SMS community is also going steady..haha.. Not the best choice to write to people in the middle of the night..haha..

Especially when you get SMS´ back in the morning like "well, I see that you had fun with my brother tonight, after writing me the SMS about 2.30" and I go "WHAT? What SMS?" hahaha... a bit embarrassing..haha...

Well, hope that everyone is having a great time too. Someone else here?


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ready to fly off to Zakopane

I'm leaving in like 15 minutes :) Getting the new Citytunneln to Copenhagen Airport and then flying to Krakau. Ania will get me there and then we drive the 100km to Zakopane :)

Yana will be waiting at Simi for us. So a girly girl appartment is is..hihi..

I have some stuff planned for this week-end so it will be a ski jumping-party-relax week-end :)

Anyone else going to Zakopane?

Travel outfit:
Sweater: WRAP
Leggins & Tee: Gina Tricot


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One daily, please

Jeans: Mango
Tee: Gina Tricot
Sweater: Zara
Headband: DKNY



Det är helt sjukt hur man kan känna sig naken utan en sådan sak som ögonfransar. Nä, nu menar jag inte helt utan, men senaste veckan så plockade jag bort de sista av de lösfransar som jag fick gjort i Polen, eftersom jag idag skulle gå till MadeleineSalong Chi och få nya gjorda .

När jag kollade mig i spegeln efter att ha vaknat var det som om en helt annan person stod framför mig. Det är helt otroligt vad ögonfransar kan göra, jag förstod inte det själv innan jag nu plockade av de sista.

Men som sagt, som tur var blev de åter fixade i morse (tiiidigt, som det kanske syns på mig på bilden..haha..). Måste säga att jag gjort fransar på en del ställen i Malmö, men att jag aldrig blivit så nöjd som jag blev nu. Fransarna är verkligen helt fantastiska, man känner inte av att det inte är ens egna och de ser väldigt naturliga ut. Och hur skönt är det inte attr slippa använda maskara och sen ta bort det på kvällen?

Madde kan jag verkligen rekomendera. Salongen finns nere i Västra Hamnen och Madde når ni direkt på 0709-101754

Flying to Zakopane tomorrow

My flight leaves from Copenhagen for Zakopane tomorrow at 10.40 in the morning. So today I need to do some packing (still hate it). I had my eye-lashes done today at Salong Chi :) I´ll show you it later.


Igår var ingen bra dag

Inga direkta saker som hände, men ni vet dessa dagar, då bara allt är skit? Då man blir irriterad för det minsta lilla och det enda man vill är att få vara ifred. Inga mobiler, inga störmoment. Så kände jag mig igår, som om inget gick rätt, men men.. Idag är en ny dag som tur är ;)