Sunday, March 26, 2006

Music That Makes You Happy =)

Yes, I'm still sick, but sometimes you need something that chears you up. Music is a great thing, songs you just love, makes you wanna dance and move, no matter which mood or condition you are in. Other songs just makes you think on things that you've enjoyed and other on things that might happen. I think it is a great feeling. I have some songs that I love, some old songs that have been with me a couple of years now and then some that are totally NEW and makes me totally crazy when I hear them.

One is Shakira - My Hips Don't Lie, I can't sit still, I just wanna dance, wanna party, it's such a great song, and honestly I don't even like Shakira really :/

Zakopane this year, you know what i mean Kylie!!! -> Akcent - Kylie

Then we have a song that I've searched for for SOOO LONG Jumpers Knee - Vikinger og Verdensmestere, check the link below, you got the lyrics and everything This song really made my day today =D Maybe to add something it is most for those who were in Planca this or the last year ;)

Another song that I love, it's not a happy one, but I know all the words and it makes me think about everything, it doesn't make me low, I just like it -> Tic Tac Toe - Verpiss Dich

Ne-Yo - So Sick is also great, my father really hates it, but I can never turn off the radio ;)

Taylor Dayne - Tell it to my heart is a great mood helper :) and also Justin Timberlake feat. Snoop Dogg - Signs
"I'm not sure what I see
Cupid don't fuck wit me!
Are you telling me this is a sign?
She's looking in my eyes,
now I see no other guys
Are you telling me this is a sign?"

I LOVE Mariah Carey lyrics, she is great, Christina Aguilera is another favorite. then we have some swedish singers as Darin, Agnes Carlsson, Sara Löfgren and do you remember the girl from A-Teens Marie Sernegholt this is the way my heart goes is a really happy moody song, and the guy Dhani - Girls Talk, Eurovision song contest is soon coming up and some swedish songs which are good are:
Linda Bengtzing - Jag ljuger så bra
BWO - Temple of Love
Andreas Johnson - Sing for me
Carola - Evighet, also the WINNER in Sweden and will be in Athen in May.

For my lovely polish friends, I do have some polish songs to:
RED - Dla masz stajla
Ivan i Delfin - Czarne Oczy
Pawel Nowak - Imie Deszczu , will never forget his preformance, it was lovely, breath taking, and I fell in love, not really in the guy but in his way of singing this song, just beautiful Eamon - I don't want you back, Joss Stone - Super Duper love, Aqua - Barbie Girl, Jimmy Jansson - flickan från det blå, Peter André - I am not your casanova, Richard Marx - Ready to Fly, remember this one? from ski jumping 2004, or Sarah Connor - Skin on Skin

This was ALL for ME now :) Hope you enjoy it!


I will give you some links where you can hear bits of the songs when you push the loudspeaker sign.
Marie Serneholt
Linda Bengtzing

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Relay on Somone? Relay on Yourself!

Yes, Planica was great! Great fun, great competitions, great party. As always, those who wanted to have fun, had it, others were just observing and talking...

You think yYou know people around you? You think you can trust them? You don't even know...
It's not like it's just like it on Ski Jumpings, it's like that everywhere, doesn't matter if you are at home or abroad, among people you know or you don't. Sometimes it just gets more obvious...

I don't really understand how you can put all the loyalty that you should have aside and just do some stuff. To your friends, to people you know, really without any other reason than your own satisfaction, the satisfaction of winning, without thinking about what you really are loosing, 'cause you couldn't.. There's not a chance that you thought about what you could loose when you did it...

I think it's really scaring how we girls act when it comes to guys, how most of us stalk eachother without even rising an eyebrow, it really makes me sick...

I don't say that i'm an angel, not at all, I've done stuff that I'm not to proud of, but in the end I'm always loyal to my friends, guys come and go...

OK, we can be drunk, I've been too, but there are some people that are "NEVERS" with the big capital N, for me it doesn't matter how drunk I am, I could never do anything with a big capital N person.

It's late, need to go... just needed to write something, promise that next time my blogg will be happy and positive, 'cause I'm a really positive, but realitic (sometimes ;P) person ;)

Take Care!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Thoughts in the night

The time is soon turning 01.00 in the middle of the night and thoughts are just spinning around. Really about everything, or it all spinns around guys, well I wouldn't really want to say that everything IS guys, but in a wierd way, a lot is, and most of it, really, in some way they always maintain there, far away, in the back of our brains and we can't really do anything about it. We do think that they are stupid, cute, sexy, assholes, crazy, dumb, sweet, gorgeous etc... etc... etc...

I think that everyone have their dreamboy someplace, we exactly know how he looks like, and many of us already have met him, and just want to have him, but the most important thing with the dreamboy is that he is a dream, we aren't suppose to get him, but in our minds we believe that it will happen, someday, somehow in some way we will get him. We live on this dream and it takes us through every bad thing that happens... I remember those days, when it was like that, it was nonproblematic...

But what happens, when this dream gets crashed? You wonder how? Well, I mean, when you in a wierd way, out of nowhere, without really knowing how and why, just gets this guy. Afterwards, OK you are maybe filled with joy, but than the real world comes over you, the boy in your dream can't stay there anymore, 'cause he is not a dream anymore, he's totally real, and you had him. You'll feel empty, there is noone to fill the space up and you don't know what to do. You try to put other persons there, but now you never really believe that it is a dream, why be happy about something that is real and not really unpossible? You can't really call such a thing a dream.

I don't say that you don't find other dreamboys, but you don't really go for the surreal ones, you just hold yourself near the real life barrier. Maybe it sounds great, it isn't. The barrier is always there, the girl that was so self secure, or seemed to be anyways, all in a sudden just go for those that she don't really wants, she tells herself that she does, but afterwards she realize that so wasn't the case at all. Will she manage to get over the barrier and everything seems good, she can't really realize it and she put up another barrier, this one she can't climb thourgh, ends up with a dissappontment on both sides, one where someone is thinking on a failure, feeling abondon, not wanted... The other side is thinking, this was good, the dream is still a dream, but then the sadness comes in, the guilt of doing something that really wasn't right, and you can't do it undone, you can't run back... She never runs back, doesn't really matter how much she wants to, there is something pulling her forward, there is no return.

We meet again, we look at eachother, we don't really need any words, I lower my eye, loosing the contact, without showing any feelings, more like I didn't know you, I regret myself as soon its done, I want to run to you, talk, whatever, make you understand, but no, there is no returning back, nobody understands me, I won't let them, I won't let you, it doesn't really matter what I want, it is the way it should be.

You're not suppose to get your dreamboy, I got mine, mo I have to take the consequenses, nothing will ever be the same again...


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You know those Days, when everything goes wrong...

Who of you haven't had a day like that?
OK, some of them are worse than others, but in the end, the thing is that as you are having this day, you really feel like shit and don't feel to do anything, your world is crashing and you don't have any influence on it...

You think; "Oh, what a nice blogg she is writing today, really joyfull, so now she will get me into a negative feeling also". Well, I'm really sorry about that, it's really not my ulterior motive to make you feel miserable, but I just need to put this thing forward. So back to the subject...

You wake up and you don't feel a difference, but there is one, this is the day, the day when everything will go wrong and the world is really against you. For me for egzample, my cell phone didn't wake me up in time, so I missed my first class, which meant that I had a little more than one hour left at home, so I made myself a cup of soup from Knorr, went to my desk and started my Lap Top up to check the net. Well some people sit with their coffees and I sat there with my soup.

I'd promised Eva to put the pictures from the Make-Up Night on my Ringo, and as I had some time over, I thought I would. But the world didn't. I put the USB-cable in and turned on the camera, but there was no connection between it and the Lap Top.. just NADA! So I found the papers of guarantee to take it to the store for them to fix. I thought, "Nice, I'm going to Planica, and my new camera will be in technical service. And then, I just don't know what happend, I were just to take a slurp of my soup as I dropped the cup, or it slipped through my fingers and spill the hot liquid over the upper part of the keyboard, the lap top made a sound and went out...

Someplace here I just new that this day wern't supposted to end good. I whipped it of and got to get my hair-dryer, it didn't help, the lap top were dead.

I still had hope, that maybe if I left the digital camera on service today I would get it back before Planica next week. "It will take about 10 working days" hyymh. why did I even had faith. And because of that I were 20 minutes late for my second class.

Now the time was 1 P.M (13.00) and I can tell you that the bad luck didn't stopped there, but the rest things that happed weren't on the same level.

The thing that everyone ask themselves is WHY? I don't think that there is another answer to it than --> FATE... I believe in it, do You?


Monday, March 06, 2006

Welcome and The Oscars

Hello people,

Thanks for stopping by =) Well everyone is talking about their bloggs and everyone is writing theirs, so why shoulden't I? There is no reason, so here I am =)

Yesterday was the Oscars. You know the film awards. So as many other people in Europe, instead of sleeping I was up until 01.00 when the red carpet started and then the real awards began at 02.00 and finished 05.18 exactly and I saw it all. Reese Witherspoon won for the best female acress in Walk the Line. The speaches were good but I looked the most at the gowns. Thought to tell you some of my opinions about them:

Keira Knightley wear in Vera Wang 5- *cool*
Maggie Gyllenhal in Bottega Veneta 2
Queen Latifah in Carmen Marc Valvo 2-
Hilary Swank in Versace 4-
Jennifer Lopez in vintage gown from Rita Watnick at Lily et Cie 1 *BIG NO NO*
Sandra Bullock in Angel Sanchez 4-
Jennifer Garner in Michael Kors 3+
Michelle Williams in Vera Wang 3+
Jessica Alba in Versace 4
Jennifer Aniston in Rochas and Bulgari 3-
Jada Pinkett Smith in Roberto Cavalli 2
Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera 4
Rachel Weisz in Narciso Rodriguez 1- *CATHASTROPHY*
Diane Krueger in Elie Saab 1
Lisa Rinna in J. Mendel 4-
Dolly Parton in Robert Behar 4+ *ÜBERCUTE*
Jane Seymour in Pamela Rolland 5-
Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga 4- *BEAUTIFUL*
Naomi Watts in Givenchy 3
Uma Thurman in Versace 4
Felicity Huffman in Zac Posen 5 *BEST*
Salma Hayek in Versace 3
Reese Witherspoon in vintage Christian Dior 4-
Ziyi Zhang by Giorgio Armani 4
Charlize Theron in Christian Dior 5 *FAVORITE*

You can see some pictures on:

All for me Today! Take Care Everyone and remember to Enjoy Life! 'Cause it CAN be f*cking GREAT!