Friday, September 20, 2013

Flying back to Rio de Janeiro ♡

Finally I had time to book my flight back to Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro. Had some problems because its basically only Iberia that flies Madrid-Rio after this month, and I said last time "Never more Iberia", so now I booked a class higer with the World Traveller Plus with British Airways instead, a bit more pricy, or as my mom said "you're such a snob, not wanna go in economy", but acutally they have a promotion on BA now, so the world traveller plus costs basically the same as I would have paid for the economy seat with BA. 

And yes Iberia was like half price, but never gonna do that again on a long distance flight.

Oh, yeah and I'm staying until December 11th.
Actually going back so early beacuse I have a wedding to attend..haha... The same scenario as it was when I left Rio end of May.

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Anonymous said...

Twoi rodzice nie mają nic przeciwko sponsorowaniu Ci takich drogich wycieczek, zwłaszcza że ani się nie uczysz, ani nie pracujesz?

Vicky M said...

Ewidetnie jade. Ale nie widze tego jako wycieczki tylko inwesycji w jezyk i przyszlosc :)