Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gästblogg: He pointed his gun at me

Somtimes I hav guest bloggers write in my blog (last time it was Christian when we were in New York) . This time the post will be in English. Basically one of my dear friends was stopped by a man yesterday evening and he pointed a gun at her. You can read about it in Aftonbladet & Sydsvenskan today. But here is her story. 

The dangerous underbelly of Malmö – and how to deal with it.

As most people in our fair city are well aware, the crime rates are… how shall I to put it… not ideal. One of our latest dangers is the Davidshall mugger. Last night this polite menace attempted to mug three people during a one-hour period close to Davidhalls square. I was one of the lucky three.

Around 9 PM I was heading home from the store, carrying a small handbag and a wallet with the staggering amount of 40kr (around 4€) when a guy I walked passed suddenly called out after me, making me turn around to face him and see what he wanted.

“Give me your money, I don’t want to hurt you.” ("ge mig dina pengar, jag vill inte göra dig illa") he said, pointing a gun at me from his pocket. Though I must say he was very polite, and discrete about it. Two qualities that are always appreciated in your friendly neighbourhood mugger.

A normal person would probably do as told, or at the very least try to run away. Me on the other hand, who had been told on numerous occasions that I am not normal, looks at him annoyed and reply:
“Lay off it (or as we Swedes would say “lägg av”)Turned around and walked away. The polite menace doesn’t do a thing.

It wasn’t until I reached my door that the fact that the guy could have shot me hit me. The thoughts worried me about a minute or two, then I remembered what my old riding instructor told me all those years ago when I fell of the horse and she forced me to get back up immediately so that I wouldn’t become afraid later. As a result, the idiot that I sometimes can be, decide to get back outside and walk around the block on my own again, passing the place I was almost robbed along the way. Nothing happened and thankfully the guy wasn’t there. But you can see how brilliant I am.

10-20 minutes later I decided to call the police after all when I see two police cars parked under my window. I figured it could be that the guy who so politely had asked for my money had done something else. As it turned out, it probably was. The guy it turns out is a criminal mastermind, three attempted muggings in one hour and even with a gun to aid him only one was successful. So my dear mugger, if you happen to read this, with a success rate of 33% I would recommend another profession, and thank you for your polite and calm mugging attempt, and most of all for not deciding to shoot me.

- Anonymous

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