Sunday, March 02, 2014

Gold Diggers - Tasmina Perry

Nej, jag hänger inte ut någon..hehe... Tasmina Perry skrev även boken Pappas Flickor som jag gillade väldigt mycket, denna bok, Gold Diggers hade jag väl förväntat mig lite mer spänning i, typ lite mer deckare eller så, men boken var bra. Väldigt bra chic lit :) 

Glamour, intrigue, lust and betrayal merge in the sizzling new blockbuster from The Sunday Times bestselling author of Daddy's Girls.
New York billionaire Adam Gold is moving to London. He's sexy, single and about to come face to face with The Gold Diggers. Karin the jet-setting swimsuit entrepreneur and London's most glamorous socialite. Adam Gold could be her perfect accessory. Erin the naive country girl who snares the job as Adam's PA. But the bright lights and obscene money threaten to lose her everything she once held dear. Molly, a fading eighties supermodel with an expensive drug habit. Adam could be her last chance at gaining the ultimate lifestyle before time finally catches up with her. Summer is Molly's daughter. A burgeoning beauty living in the shadows of her famous mother. Now the tables are about to turn when she lands herself a television deal and becomes 'the next big thing.' From Monte Carlo to Lake Como, St Moritz to St Barts, Gold Diggers takes us on a heady journey through the social circuit of the super-rich, plunging the reader into a world of sex, murder and scorching betrayal. Tasmina Perry is bringing sexy back!  

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