Friday, April 10, 2015

5 Fashion Mistakes You Are Making


The mistake: When you indulge in an investment bag, you always lean toward a neutral hue (black, brown or gray), forgoing any sort of real statement-making quality. Snooze.  
The solution: A purse rendered in a vibrant, bold shade can literally make an outfit. Next time you're in the market for a new It bag, trade an all-black satchel for one that's loud, luxe and lovely.    

The mistake: Your current collection of floral separates make you look more like a walking curtain than a seasoned fashion girl.  
The solution: Graphic floral prints infuse edge into ultra-feminine pieces, which can sometimes come off looking elderly or outdated. Wear yours with modern accessories for a fresh outcome.    

The mistake: You think cleavage is the only answer to looking sexy on date night.  
The solution: Vixens, meet the one-shoulder dress: This is the smoldering (yet classy) alternative to low-cut necklines and inevitable wardrobe malfunctions. You're welcome  
 The mistake: You own so many leather pieces your friends are beginning to wonder if you're a member of a top-secret biker gang.  
The solution: Channel your love for leather in a new way by embracing Spring 2015's suede trend. It's just as cool but has a softer touch and is easier to wear in the daytime.  
The mistake: You wear high heels. A lot. Your feet hate you.
 The solution: Believe it or not, sky-high heels are on the out. Substitute your undying love for a little lift with a pair of flatforms. The trend is going to be huge for spring and—better yet—they're actually comfortable.   x,

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