Sunday, January 06, 2013

Gregor Won the Four Hills Tournament - Anders Jacobsen, Gregor Schlierenzauer, Tom Hilde
Gregor Schlierenzauer today won the competition in Bischofshofen and also the whole Four Hills Tournament. I'm really happy for him. I know there are a lot of different opinions about this guy. Personally I think Gregor can be compared with Cristiano Ronaldo, when it comes to the mixed opinions and reasons for them. I won't say anything if you know him and say that you don't like him, but for people who have never met this guy, I think it is ridiculous. He's a great athlete, very ambitious. Most of you guys say that he is arrogant and a bad loser. I don't really get why its bad to be a sore loser. He wants to win, always. I'm fucking pissed when I'm not winning either. You should have seen me when I was competing with my horses in show jumping, you didn't wanted to be near me if I had a bad round. I think its normal, if you are really passionate about what you do to get mad if you don't achieve. Gregor is a great guy I really like him and I think he is well deserved with this win. I know him since his first start in the World Cup, and basically he hasn't change at all. He's the same guy he was then, maybe a bit older and wiser ;) All photos are mine.


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