Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Guestblog: Me & Vicky in Brazil’s capital city - a few reflections on Niemeyer’s Brasília …

Då var det dags för en gästblogg igen :) Denna gången är det Marta som jag flög och mötte upp i Brasília, medan jag var i Rio de Janeiro

Brazil occupies a peculiar place in the European imagination – samba, sandy beaches, beautiful, hot-blooded people – however none of this will you find in Brasília. And that did not surprise us. What did surprise us was that capital city of Brazil is not a city. It lacks everything that a normal city has – crowded pavements, traffic jams, intermingled styles of buildings, street life... In Brasília everything is zoned along with the airplane plan. There is offices’ zone, hotel zone, residential zone and commercial zone. 

We have been to Rio de Janeiro, so Brasília was quite disappointing for us, however we cannot say that Brasília is something that we have seen before. Those open spaces with modern, bizarre-looking buildings with a trace of communism definitely amazed us. It will stay in our memory for long. However, we could not get rid of an overall impression of a big, cold, formal and impersonal sculpture that does not fulfill everyday people’s needs.

Having said that, I must say that couple of days spent in Brasiília were awesome. I own it mainly to Vicktoria - my dear friend who left amusing Rio to explore massive experiment in urban design with me.

 Rooftop of our hotel
 Brasília National Museum
 empty pavements
 having fun


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