Friday, December 06, 2013

My American Express got cloned!

My dad is the funniest person ever. So my American Express card got cloned here in Brazil. Amex called me to check if some weird transactions were mine. Quite a sum of money were taken, lots of it was cancelled, cause they tried to take out money from the ATM, but it was denied. Then a lot of paid hotel-bills through

Anyways, by bill goes from around 2nd-2nd every month. And for December, during 3 days the amount was as high as 4000€. So obviously we had to block the card (not happy about that, but I have other cards with me obviously). So I send a mail to my parents telling then what's up. And my dad calls me, you know what he says? "You probably spent that money and now you're just trying to fill us with bullshit about some cloning". - yes, daddy definitely I spent 4000€ during 3 days, especially & mainly on hotels in the US, when I'm in Brazil. 

Yes, I do spend a lot of money, but come on, I don't say that I didn't if I did. I don't give a damn, I spend and I admit to it, but my dad trying to say that I made this up, like come on?! Obviously I hung up on him :) I'm such a good daughter.

Don't know how it got cloned, or when, probably sometime in November, because there are already some sketchy stuff in the beginning of that month.  Will give you more dets when I see my bills when I get home.

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