Thursday, December 26, 2013

You Always Deserve Respect

We may be women, we may be the "weaker" gender, but something You should never forget, is that we deserve respect. Especially from men. Never let a man tell you that you are less worth or let him treat you bad. Never let him talk to you in a higher voice in a way that makes you feel smaller, pushed down to the ground.

You don't have to be a strong woman when it comes to the everyday life, but We all should be Strong Women when it comes to men.

I don't care who it is speaking to me, elderly, celebs, family etc. i never let a man talk bad to me, I don't care f his wife lets him talk in that way to him, I will never back down, especially not on my territory.

I'm a strong woman, and if any guy treats me bad he is out through the door  faster than one can blink. I'm a pretty calm and composed person, anytime, until a man raises his voice towards me or any of my girlfriends. I just see red, and there is no return, nor daddy or anyone else can tell me to calm down or let it go. I'm a princess and You should treat me as one. Every girl should feel like one, and demand to be treated like one too.

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