Friday, July 12, 2013

How to make a Crown Braid

Nu ska ni få en tutorial på hur man gör denna snygga kron fläta: 

Before you begin the braid, separate your bangs/fringe area into a heavy side part. Prep the hair with a shine serum for extra gloss.

Separate your hair into two sections with a zig-zag part, then use elastics to make two ponytails.Take one of the sections and release the elastic.


Separate hair into three pieces, split diagonally, and begin a regular tri-strand braid.

Start the braid with the outermost section (that closest to ear) first, crossing over the center. Then take the inner section, crossing over the center—continue this pattern. 

As you braid, make sure you are pulling it to the opposite side of whichever you are working on (example, if starting on right, pull braid towards left side of head).  

After securing the first braid with an elastic, release the second section of hair.

Repeat the same traditional braid motion with the new section of hair. 

As you braid diagonally down the strand, the pieces will begin to criss-cross over one another—this is key!

Once fully completed, secure the second braid with an elastic.

Wrap one braid around to the front, using a small bobby pin underneath the braid to keep it in place. 

Repeat the same wrapping motion with the remaining braid. 

With the tails of each braided section, tuck and loop through the petals of each braid to help hide loose ends.


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